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New Licensing Requirements

As you may have heard the Housing (Wales) Act 2014 came into force in November of last year. The Act requires that all landlords and agents with properties in Wales must register with a new body called Rent Smart Wales (

Palmer Estate Agents are now Licensed by Rent Smart Wales.

As the legislation and the means by which it is to be implemented has become clearer Palmer Estate Agents have been working to ensure that we can meet the requirements ourselves, and help our Landlords to stay within the law.

Click here to view our licence Click here to view our licence

We can now provide a policy and guidance for everyone concerned.

The new requirements are composed of two elements;

1. Registration

It is necessary for you to set up an account with Rent Smart Wales. Unfortunately we cannot do this for you as the account is uniquely linked to your e-mail address. Go to;

Register here Register here

During the sign up process please take careful note of the details you have given especially the user name and password. The controls on the password are designed to ensure a very strong password is chosen, but also for that reason it is unlikely to be easy to remember. If you can print the page and retain for your records so much the better. Rent Smart Wales will confirm the details by sending you a link to your specified e-mail address that you have to respond to in order to activate your account.

Once you have set up an account you must then register as a Landlord with rent Smart Wales. There is a fee of £33.50 for this registration. For those who require further assistance we will be offering appointments in the offices, telephone consultations or home visits (where possible).

2. Licensing

As you are using Palmer Estate Agents to manage your property there is no need for you to be licensed individually. During the registration you simply quote our licence number #LR-84006-35771

Download a useful leaflet describing the regulations in more detail. Download a useful leaflet describing the regulations in more detail.


Q Is the licence a one off cost?
A The licence for both Landlords and Agents is a five-year licence.

QHow much would it cost for me to get my own licence?
A The fee for the licence is £144. There is a mandatory training course which will cost £100.

Q What are the penalties if I am not licensed?
A There is a fixed penalty of £150 rising to £1000 if the matter is taken to court.

Q Can Palmer Estate Agents manage my licensing for me?
A We will help as much as we can but it is impossible for us to set up an account with Rent Smart Wales on your behalf.

QWhat level of responsibility do Palmer Estate Agents have for my licensing?
A We have a duty of care, as professional property management advisors, to ensure that our Landlords comply with the legislation. That is why we have to be certain that our Landlords are licensed by November 23rd 2016.

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